Social Selling: Getting your social network run an extra mile for your business

social media sales
I have been working as a marketer for more than a decade now and have seen trends change so fast in this volatile “new market”. Having worked in a variety of industries over the years, out of curiosity of finding that common thread that connects everything, I have experimented with the “New Age Media: Social Media” to find ways of using this medium to increasing business profitability and not just exposure.
We have been trying to work social media in our favor but as marketers we are reminded time and again that we have no real control over the path it takes. It is a consumer controlled medium and that can be a good thing if handled the right way. A brand can only give direction to what it stands for, the customers decide what they want it to mean to them.
I have been looking for ways to leverage social media so that the businesses get something back in exchange of making them vulnerable to its customers. I had been working on strategies to utilize social networking to create new leads and map target segments.
This could be in terms of the good old “likes” that your page gets or even psycho-graphic segmentation on the basis of current social network users. My point is that “like” on its own does not generate new business but it can be used to generate new leads that provide increased profitability for your business.
Although it might not sound like a ground breaking strategy, I have only seen a mere handful of companies understanding this and using it. And only a very few of them doing it well.

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